Your not-so-humble toonopedist as he sees himself.


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With Donald as my first name and D for …

continued below

… a middle initial, your not-all-that-humble toonopedist has always been partial to ducks. They're my totem, my favorite funny animal, even my choice of decor — I have duck toys, figurines, pictures, etc., scattered all over my office.

Okay, so I'm eccentric — but hey, at least I'm easy to buy for.


Ducks articlized so far in Don Markstein's Toonopedia™:

Baby HueyCount DuckulaDaffy DuckDaisy DuckDarkwing DuckDeadeye DuckDestroyer DuckDewey, Louie and HueyDinky DuckDirty DuckDonald DuckDonald Duck's nephewsDoodles DuckDuck Dodgers in the 24½th CenturyDuckmanDuckTalesDuckulaDunky DuckThe Eye of MongomboGladstone GanderGooseberry SpriggHoward the DuckHuey, Dewey and LouieThe Junior WoodchucksKvackLouie, Dewey and HueyLudwig von DrakeMallard FillmoreMighty DucksMoby DuckMrs. Kwak WakkPlucky DuckQuack PackQuackulaQuacky Doodles and Danny DaddlesRubber DuckScrooge McDuckSuper DuckTrumanUncle ScroogeWackYakky Doodle

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