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Welcome to the world's first hypertext encyclopedia of toons — which will soon, I hope, come to be regarded as the Internet's most comprehensive source of information about the U.S. toon scene.

So, what's a toon?

A toon is a cartoon or cartoon character — "cartoon" referring not just to the animated kind, but also to such "still cartoons" as comic books, newspaper strips, magazine cartoons, etc.

Here at Don Markstein's Toonopedia™, we take a very broad view of what constitutes a toon. The basic idea is to cover the entire spectrum of American cartoonery.

I realize I haven't exactly blanketed the field yet, but I think the thousand-plus toon topics I've written up so far should qualify at least as a light coverlet. And it will get more inclusive as time goes on, as I intend to continue adding new ones and updating the ones I've got, into the indefinite future.

Here's what I've done so far.

What's New:
New February 0:
Mad Jack the Pirate
New February 4: Man-oo the Mighty
New January 28: Captain Future
New January 25: Cutey Bunny
New January 15: Speed Saunders
New January 13: Merry Menagerie
Other recent additions can be found at the Site History.

The Toons:
Aaahh! Real MonstersA-ManAbbie and SlatsAbie the AgentThe Academia WaltzAdam StrangeAdam WarlockThe Addams Family (1937)The Addams Family (1973)Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt HamstersThe Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy GeniusThe Adventures of Mr. Obadiah OldbuckThe Adventures of PatsyAdventures on Other WorldsAesop and SonThe Affairs of JaneAgatha CrummAgent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Aggie MackAguila AzulAirboyAir ManAir RaidersAir Wave (1942)Air Wave (1978)Akbar and JeffAladdinAlfred E. NeumanAlias The SpiderThe "Alice" ComediesAlice in WonderlandAlley OopAll Grown UpThe All-Star SquadronThe All Winners SquadAlly SloperAlpha FlightAlphonse and GastonAlvin and the ChipmunksThe Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanAmazing-ManAmbush BugThe AmericanThe American Eagle (1942)The American Eagle (1965)American Flagg!American SplendorAn American TailAmerica's Best Buy: The Louisiana PurchaseAmericommandoAmethyst, Princess of GemworldAmos MouseA. MuttAnd Her Name Was MaudAndy CappAndy GumpAndy PandaThe Angel (1939)The Angel (1963)Angel and the ApeThe Angriest Dog in the WorldAnimal ManAnimalympicsAnimaniacsAnnieAnswer ManThe Ant & the AardvarkAntediluvian AncestorsAnthroAnt ManThe Apache KidApartment 3-GA. Piker ClerkApple MaryAquamanThe Arabian KnightsArak, Son of ThunderArchangelArchieArchie's Pal Jugheadarchy and mehitabelArion, Lord of AtlantisThe AristocatsArlo and JanisAround the Block with Dunc and LooThe ArrowAsterix the GaulAstro BoyAstro CityAstronutThe Atom (1940)The Atom (1961)AtomanAtom AntThe Atomic KnightsAtomic MouseAtomic RabbitAtomic SubAtomictotAttack from SpaceAugie Doggie and Doggie DaddyAutocat and MotormouseAutomatonThe AvengerThe AvengersAvengers West CoastAxa

BBabeBabs and Buster BunnyBaby BluesBaby HueyBaby SnootsThe BadgerBad KittyThe Bald EagleThe Ballad of Halo JonesBambiBanjo the Woodpile CatBarb WireBarefoot GenThe BarkerThe BarkleysBarnabyBarney BaxterBarney Bear (1939)Barney Bear (1977)Barney GoogleBaron MoochBaron WintersBarry NobleBatfinkBatgirlBat LashBatmanBatman and the OutsidersBatman BeyondBatsBattle of the PlanetsB.C.Beaky BuzzardBeany and CecilThe BeastBeauty and the BeastBeavis and Butt-HeadBee-ManBeetle BaileyBeetlejuiceBelieve It or NotBen and MeBenny BurroBen Webster's CareerThe Berenstain BearsBetsy and MeBettyBetty BoopBeware the CreeperBeyond MarsThe Big Bad WolfBig Ben BoltBig Chief WahooBig GeorgeThe Big Guy and Rusty the Boy RobotBig NateThe Big World of Little AdamBiker Mice from MarsBilly BounceBilly Make BelieveBimbo's CircusBinaryBinkyThe Bird Man (1940)Birdman (1967)Bitchy BitchBizarro (1958)Bizarro (1985)The Black AngelBlack BoltThe Black CanaryThe Black CatThe Black CauldronThe Black CobraThe Black CondorThe Black DiamondThe Black DwarfBlack FuryBlackhawkThe Black HoodBlack JackThe Black Knight (1955)The Black Knight (1968)Black LightningBlackmarkThe Black MarvelThe Black Orchid (1943)The Black Orchid (1973)The Black Orchid (1988)The Black OwlThe Black Panther (1941)The Black Panther (1966)Black PeteThe Black PirateThe Black RiderBlackstarThe Black TerrorThe Black Widow (1940)The Black Widow (1964)The Black WitchBlade, Vampire HunterThe Blonde PhantomBlondieBloom CountyThe Blue Beetle (1939)The Blue Beetle (1964)The Blue Beetle (1966)Blue BoltThe Blue BulleteerBlue DevilThe Blue FalconThe Blue LadyThe Blue RacerThe Blue TracerBobby Make-BelieveBobby SoxBobby's WorldBobby ThatcherBobby the Boy ScoutBob PhantomThe Bogey ManBoneBoner's ArkBongo BearBonkersBoob McNuttBooks of MagicBooster GoldBootleg PeteBoots and Her BuddiesEl BorbahBoris the BearThe Born LoserBoskoThe BouncerBound to WinBoy BuddiesThe Boy CommandosBoys' RanchBozo the ClownBozo the RobotBrain BoyBrand EchhBravestarrThe BreadwinnerBreezly and SneezlyBrenda StarrBrer RabbitBrick BradfordBringing Up FatherBroncho BillBronc PeelerThe Bronze TerrorBroom-HildaBrother JuniperBrother Power, the GeekBrothers of the SpearBrother VoodooBrownie BearThe Brownies (1881)The Brownies (1942)Bruce GentryBrutusBuckaroo BillBuck NixBuck RogersBucky and PepitoBucky BugBucky O'HareBuddyThe Buford FilesBugs BunnyA Bug's LifeBugvilleBulldog DrumheadBulletmanBullseyeBullwinkleThe Bungle FamilyBungleton GreenBunkyBunnyBunny and ClaudeBurp the TwerpBuster BrownBuster BunnyBuz SawyerBuzz LightyearBuzzyBuzzy the CrowB'Wana Beast

CCadillacs and DinosaursCairo JonesCalvin and HobbesCalvin and the ColonelCamilla, Jungle QueenCandyCannonCanyon KiddiesCap'n CrunchCap Stubbs and TippieCaptain 3-DCaptain ActionCaptain AmericaThe Captain and the KidsCaptain Atom (1960)Captain Atom (1986)Captain BritainCaptain CanuckCaptain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo CrewCaptain CavemanCaptain CometCaptain CommandoCaptain CompassCaptain ConfederacyCaptain CourageousCaptain EasyCaptain FathomCaptain FlagCaptain FlashCaptain FreedomCaptain FutureCaptain KlutzCaptain Marvel (1940)Captain Marvel (1966)Captain Marvel (1967)Captain Marvel (1982)Captain Marvel Jr.Captain Marvel BunnyCaptain Planet and the PlaneteersCaptain PugwashCaptain PureheartCaptain Savage (1939)Captain Savage and His Leatherneck (or Battlefield) Raiders (1964)Captain SprocketCaptain StormCaptain TootsieCaptain TriumphCaptain UniverseCaptain Victory and the Galactic RangersCare BearsCarmen SandiegoThe Cartoon History of the UniverseCasey RugglesCaspar MilquetoastCasper the Friendly GhostEl CastigoCastle WaitingThe CatCatDogCathyThe Cat in the HatCat-man and KittenThe Cattanooga CatsThe CatwomanCave CarsonCave GirlCave KidsCerebus the AardvarkChallengers of the UnknownThe ChampionsCharley's WarCharlie BrownCharlie ChickenCharlotte's WebCheech WizardCherry PoptartChilly WillyChing ChowThe ChipmunksChip'n'DaleChip 'n Dale Rescue RangersChoculaChris KL-99CinderellaThe Circus of P.T. BimboCircus SollyClaire VoyantClara CluckClassics IllustratedClaude CatThe ClawClifford the Big Red DogClint ClobberCloak and DaggerThe ClockThe Close Shaves of Pauline PerilClutch CargoClyde CrashcupCoal Black and de Sebben DwarfsCody StarbuckCol. BleepCol. Heeza LiarColonel Potterby and the DutchessThe ColossusThe CometComics RevueCommander Battle and the Atomic SubCommander SteelCommander McBraggCommando YankConchyConcreteCongo BillCongorillaConnieConstantineCookieCool CatCool McCoolCosmo CatCosmo the Merry MartianCount ChoculaCount DuckulaCount Screwloose of ToolooseCourageous Cat and Minute MouseCourage the Cowardly DogCow and ChickenCowboy SahibCoyoteCranberry BoggsCrankshaftCrazylegs CraneThe CreeperCrimebusterCrime Does Not PayCrime SmasherThe Crimson AvengerCrisis on Infinite EarthsCrockThe CrowCrusaderCrusader RabbitThe CrusadersThe Crypt of TerrorCrystar